Shimane Peninsula eastern region

Experience Programs

Attractive Experiential Programs that allow you to deepen your knowledge of the nature and culture of Shimane are being offered in various parts of the prefecture.

Shimane Peninsula eastern region

1.Miho Shrine Asamike Plan

A plan where you can experience the ritual of doing the morning cleaning and making an offering of a morning meal to the Gods, together with the Shinto priest.

2.Cycling / Walking

An exhilarating bike ride along the Sea of Japan Coast with sidelong glances of the Geopark. Enjoy the promenade that connects Jizozaki and Go-hon-matsu Park (2.8 km long), and the route of walking along Aoishidatami Dori and the coast (2.5 km long).

3.Marine Menu (limited period)

1.Marine Activity

Kitaura Coast is a popular spot with Water Park facilities where you can enjoy SUP of Hawaii origin, a giant slide, and a trampoline.

2.Mihonoseki Geo Cruising

Cruise along the Japan Geopark-designated area of the Shimane coast in a sightseeing boat!

4.Ago-sukui (scooping for Flying Fish)

Experience the scooping of flying fish from the boat at night. (limited period)

5.Forty-two bay pilgrimage

About Shimane peninsula’s forty-two bay pilgrimage

A religious custom from years ago, salt is collected from the water at the bays along the northern side of Shimane Peninsula and offerings of this salt are made to the shrines. The origin is not clear but it apparently prospered during the Edo Period. The last point of the pilgrimage is said to be Ichibata Yakushi.